“iMAST is committed to playing its part in realising the vision of a modern Royal Navy; its people better trained and more capable than ever before and meeting today’s and the future’s operational needs.”
— John Howie: CEO Babcock Marine and Technology – lead contractor in the iMAST Alliance

The iMAST Vision

Royal Navy Training - Transformed

Seamless Transition

A seamless transition with 100% continuity of service achieved with no interruption to delivery or training effectiveness.

New Operating Model

A new operating model that delivers world-class training services in a collaborative environment with Royal Navy and iMAST professionals collaborating as an integrated team and demonstrating positive culture and behaviours throughout the whole organisation.

Flexible Training

Trainees from all the Royal Navy’s Fighting Arms, regulars and reservists alike, enjoying a far more flexible and agile training experience.

Technological Innovation

iMAST as the customer’s pro-active change champion, seeking out and investing in appropriate technology and innovation to deliver tangible savings and continuous improvement.

Improved Recruitment
and Retention

Improved Royal Navy recruitment and retention and a vastly enhanced capability to manage competence and readiness, with better trained people, in larger numbers, getting to the front line on average 20% quicker.

The iMAST Ecosystem

iMAST has assembled a unique grouping of over 40 niche enterprises to form the iMAST “Ecosystem”, whose role is to seek out and deliver innovation in training technologies and methods to the transformation programme.

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